Deposa completes its expansion in the port of Bilbao

Depósitos Portuarios, SA (Deposa) terminal has completed the construction of six new agri-food and agro-energy liquid bulk storage tanks in the port of Bilbao. Each of the new tanks has the capacity to store up to 2,000 m³, which has allowed Deposa to reach a capacity of more than 32,000 m³ distributed in 34 tanks that they have in dock.

The new tanks are made of stainless steel, have been heat-insulated and are thermally insulated, all with the aim of taking care of the cargoes they will store. Likewise, the facilities have a piping system that allows products to be received and shipped directly from the pier, and a new loading dock with capacity for two tank trucks has been set up, which significantly speeds up operations.

The port of Bilbao offers for the transfer of liquid bulk, materials that represent 17.7 million tons and more than 57% of the total traffic in the Biscayan port. Although the most important are oil products, LNG, chemicals, agri-food and others are also noteworthy, which can be received and shipped by rail, ship, truck and pipeline through highly specialized terminals for each product and the nine companies that have warehouses for all industrial sectors in the north of our country and in the south of France.