Peninsula starts supplying biofuels in the Strait of Gibraltar

Marine fuel supplier Peninsula is commencing the supply of biofuels at its hub ports in the Strait of Gibraltar as part of its strategy to meet increased complexity in the marine fuel mix.

Peninsula has recently received a permit from ISCC – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification related to physical supply operations in Gibraltar, Algeciras and nearby ports.
According to the company, the ISCC permits the supply of biofuels from feedstocks that have fully traceable, sustainable and GHG-reducing supply chains, which enables Peninsula to directly support customers seeking drop-in biofuel solutions to help lower their carbon emissions.

Peninsula’s future strategy includes offering bioproducts in all physical locations where sufficient customer demand exists.
The supplier added that is already at the advanced stages of adding additional key biofuel supply locations to its roster.

The company is also working on continued investment in asset renewal, including several newbuilds to be welcomed to the fleet through 2023 and beyond.
The company’s new 12,500 m3 LNG bunker vessel, Levante, is scheduled to arrive in the Strait of Gibraltar this summer.