Transvirgin SL will produce very high quality water from complex wastewater in Puerto de la Luz and Las Palmas, giving the possibility to shipping companies to obtain the certificate that accredits compliance with the principles of circular economy and zero waste emissions.
This is a physicochemical system that is capable of producing very high quality water from wastewater, through the Marpol IV treatment. In addition, it certifies the traceability of the waste until its recovery, verifying the correct treatment and recycling.
These are systems that require little space, occupying an industrial area of less than 50 square meters and debugging 480 daily cubic meters of liquid. In addition, the typology of this system ensures that no bad odors are generated since it is a chemical process that allows faster treatment. It is highly efficient, regardless of the physicochemical nature of the water, and is not affected by the temperature, pH, salinity or presence of hydrocarbons.