The CLH Group has incorporated a new tanker, the Castillo de Arteaga, to strengthen the transportation and fuel supply service to its facilities. This new vessel is owned by Empresa Naviera Elcano (Grupo Elcano) and has been chartered on a time-charter basis.
The new ship has been built in 2019 and has the latest technologies to reduce SOx and NOx emissions into the atmosphere through a hybrid scrubber, in addition to a ballast water treatment system certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the United States Coast Guard (USCG).The Castillo de Arteaga is a new generation double-hulled ship that has a loading capacity of 42,275 cubic meters distributed in 16 cargo tanks with independent segregation for loading and unloading to manifold, and reaches a maximum speed exceeding 14 knots. The dimensions of the ship are: 176.9 meters long, 29.40 meters wide and 11.30 meters maximum draft.
With this incorporation, the CLH Group has two tankers to carry out fuel movements which cannot be carried out through the pipeline network. During 2018 the volume of fuel transported by tanker by the CLH Group reached 2.9 million tons.