EU co-finances the LNG supply terminal in the Port of Santander with six million euros

The European Union will co-finance with six million euros, 20% of the total cost, the LNG supply terminal at the Port of Santander, which investment amounts EUR 32.8 million.
According to the Government, this fact will turn Santander into a “strategic port” in northern Spain.
The project will be built by the consortium created by Repsol LNG Holding, the Port of Santander and ESK. It consists in the construction of a 1,000 cubic meters tank as well as the necessary port infrastructure that enables the required space and implementation of a supply chain to supply the terminal to meet the demand of the bunker. The project duration will be about three and a half years.
In addition, a market analysis will be carried out to cover a possible increase in demand, as well as contribute at European level to the security of this type of supply.