Endesa’s first LNG carriers to guarantee the shipment of its purchases of two million m3 per year in the US

In early 2018, Endesa commissioned the Norwegian shipping company Knutsen OAS Shipping to build the first latest generation LNG carrier (an LNGC with a capacity of 180,000 cubic metres) in South Korea for the transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
The vessel will be chartered by Endesa in the Summer of 2019 and will initially be used to transport the LNG supplied to Endesa by Corpus Christi Liquefaction LLC (Cheniere Energy Group), within the purchase and sale contract of 2 bcmy (two million cubic metres per year) for the next 20 years.
This 7-year charter contract includes two possible extensions for seven and six years, and will partly cover the maritime transport needs under the LNG contracts held by both Endesa and the Enel Group (to which Endesa belongs) over the coming years.
The LNG volume transported by the “Adriano Knutsen”, which will be the largest vessel sailing under the Spanish flag, is equal to one day’s demand from the whole of Spain or the average annual supply for a city of 170,000 households.

On the other hand, Endesa and GasLog, the international owner, operator and manager of LNG carriers, have signed an eight-year charter agreement, with the option to extend for two six-year periods. The “Gaslog Warsaw” will have an LNG storage capacity of 180,000 cubic metres, equivalent to 72 Olympic swimming pools or Spain’s total daily demand.
This new agreement guarantees the transport and commercial operation of the 2 billion cubic metres per year of LNG acquired by Endesa in 2014 from the US company Cheniere over the next 20 years. This will become Endesa’s second LNG carrier.