Algeciras Port Authority’s regulation about hydrogen sulphide emissions of oil derivative products

Bahía de Algeciras Port Authority has adopted in force the ISO 8217:2012 regulation which limits the HS2 content up to 2.00 ppm on petroleum products operated in port (either on loads, discharges or storage).

The regulation was recently set up in order to reduce Hydrogen Sulphide emissions in the atmosphere, and can be found in the Port Authority’s website (

In compliance with the mentioned instructions, all vessels are required to sign and stamp a declaration prior arrival, stating that cargo of OIL DERIVATIVE PRODUCTS carried on board the vessel with Algeciras port as origin or destination do not exceed the H2S maximum allowed concentration of 2.00 mg/kg (2.00ppmp) in liquid phase, measure based on IP-570-4 method.
Failing to comply such requirement, Algeciras Port Authorities will not authorise the vessel to berth.