Chemistry will invest more than 420 million at Tarragona in the next five years.

More than 420 million investments are planned in the next five years for Tarragona’s chemical bussiness.
So far, the current projects are:
Covestro’s, which announced that will allocate EUR 200 million in a new chlorine production plant.
Repsol, Dow and BASF intend to invest more than EUR 150 million in security improvements, energy efficiency and capacity increases.
Ercros will invest EUR 53 million to change the chlorine production technology of its plants.
Asesa will allocate EUR 16 million to increase the refining capacity of asphalt bitumen in its refinery.
Clariant has an ongoing investment for more than EUR 5 million to develop cosmetics from olive oil.
Elix Polymers will be reinforced in the ABS market with a disbursement of EUR 4 million.

Chemistry is at Tarragona the sector that sells the most abroad, covering more than half of exports that are made from the territory. The countries with most exports are France, Germany, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom and Portugal.