New residues treatment plant at Tarragona

A international joint venture by the companies Enerkem and Suez to build a convertible waste recycling plant at Tarragona will commence the construction works in the next months and expects to commence operations in approximately 4 years.
It will be a new technology plant with a low environmental impact in an area of more than ten hectares, provided by the municipality for industrial exploitation.
700 construction employees will be needed for the development of the facilities and another 200 to be able to carry out the daily operation of the plant.

The new facility would have the capacity to treat 375,000 tons of waste – mainly plastic, paper and textiles – that could be transformed into 265,000 tonnes of green methanol. Currently, the technical process allows to transform up to 70% of the raw material and the rest ends resulting in carbon dioxide or solid residue. The goal is to achieve a 100% profit rate and make it possible “a total circular recycling plant”.